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2014 Four Cylinder FWD Rules


The Front Wheel Drive division is for fun and experience. Competition is open to any 4 (four) cylinder front wheel drive. No High Performance or High Output Engines. No Turbos! No 4 wheel drives! No all wheel drives! No cars with rear steering! No 6 or 8 Cylinders! Unless specified in the four cylinder front wheel drive division rules, the car must be stock for make and model. The driver must have available at all times a Haynes or comparable repair manual for the vehicle being raced.


SAFETY: Must have sound roll bar overhead – 4 point cage. Roll bars and safety equipment will be checked by track. Racing seat and window nets are mandatory. Window net must be mounted on driver side window. Fastener must be located in an area that is accessible to all track rescue personnel. Five point racing seat belts required – must be mounted in a manner acceptable to track officials. Belts must be dated within the last 5 years to be legal. Approved helmet, gloves and {complete} firesuit are required at ALL times when a driver is on the racetrack. Padding around the driver is required. Fire extinguisher (1 lb. minimum) must be within the drivers reach and up to date and fully charged.


CHASSIS: Approved bracing only – contact head technical inspector for more information.


BODY: Body must remain stock. Hood must be fastened with hood pins (not bolts) one on each corner. Trunk can be fastened with hood pins on each corner (2) or the hinges may be left on.


WINDSHEILD: Required – wire mesh or Lexan acceptable. All other glass components including windows must be removed.


TIRES: Tires must be DOT tires only. Tires must have a minimum treadwear of 200. All 4 tires must be the same size. No softening of tires.


WHEELS: Racing wheels - 6” width only. All four wheels must be the same size and offset.


WEIGHT: Track officials reserve the right to add weight to any car at any time. Official discretion will also dictate placement of weight.


BATTERY: Battery can be mounted under the hood in stock location or on the left rear behind the driver’s seat and well secured in a sealed box. Must be completely separated from driver.


SETUP: Camber: maximum camber of 4 degrees. Rear camber – no more than ½ (half) a degree. Wheel base no more than ½ inch from side to side. May slot or re-drill strut towers.


GAS TANK: If gas tank is ahead of rear axle, it may stay in place.

If gas tank is behind the rear axle and exposed, it must be replaced with either a fuel cell(8 gallons or less) and mounted securely in the trunk. Old tank must be removed.

Trunk mounted fuel cell must be secured by a minimum of four (4)1/8” x 1” steel straps with minimum 3/8” hardware with large washers.

Fuel line cannot run through the car or must be routed through metal tubing which must be painted red and marked “fuel line do not cut”. Cars with fuel leaks will not be allowed to run.

Front Wheel Drives will run pump gas…will not be required to run track fuel.


CLAIM RULE: Buyout Rule for Front Wheel Drive: $2000.00. Any Competitor finishing in second or third place may claim/buy the car finishing directly in front of them for $2000. Refusal to sell car results in disqualification and a two week suspension. Person being claimed may also claim/buy the claimers car for $1,750. Refusal to sell will result in disqualification and a two week suspension. Only the Top 3 (three) finishers may utilize the claim rule. This does not include racing seat, belts and window net (or any additional safety equipment). These divisions are intended for those who wish to race but don’t want to spend a fortune. For those wishing to stretch the rules or spend more than $2000.00 on your race car, then you need to pick another division. Any sabotage during the course of a claim will result in disqualification and indefinite suspension.


NOTE: All equipment is subject to the approval of track officials. No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through inspection unobserved. Track officials may assess weight penalties for cars and/or parts deemed as not in compliance with the rules or a driver showing accelerated progress. Track officials reserve the right to promote any driver from this division to the street stock division that has shown accelerated progress.


PROTEST RULES: Protest fees are in the general rules section.

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