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2014 Renegade Rules



Car numbers must be painted in a minimum of 24" high numerals on side panels and on the roof in a contrasting color. All lettering must be in good taste.

If we have 2 renegade races scheduled for the race program on a regular race night, a car may be used in both races with different drivers. One of the drivers of the same car must sign in at the regular sign in time. The other driver must be determined before the drivers' meeting for that race night.There is a $25 entry fee for the other driver. The track reserves the right to end this addendum at any time.




A. COMPETING MODELS - Competition open to 1964 to 2005 models of American manufactured hardtop rear wheel drive passenger cars with a minimum wheel base of 107. Wheel base must be stock for make and model of cars. Note: Frame and body must match. No Camaros, firebirds, mustangs, or any pony type car (sports car). Any other leaf spring car is eligible as long as it meets the other rules of this division.
1. All seating, carpeting, flammable materials must be removed. Driver compartment must be completely sealed off from engine compartment and trunk compartment with steel.
2. Must have stock, factory body panels.
No panels or bracing can be removed.
3. Hood and trunk latches must be removed and car must be equipped with properly installed hood pins. Hood and trunk hinges must be retained. Hood bracing can be removed at the front just enough to clear the aftermarket nose panel. Trunk bracing cannot be removed.
4. Doors must be welded or bolted. Doors may be gutted for roll cage clearance.
5. The stock steel floor pan, fire walls, trunk floor, and rear wheel wells MUST BE RETAINED.
6. No part of the tire tread can protrude past the body of the car. Fenders cannot be flared.

7. Headlights, taillights, and molding must be removed. No outside mirrors.

8. Fiberglass or plastic nose pieces are legal. No Camaro or dirt style noses. No additional spoilers, air dams, or fins allowed.

9. A complete set of approved roll bars are required in driver's compartment. Round steel 1 3/4 inch seamless bars are compulsory. Roll bars must be welded. Must have foot bar approved by officials. Hoop bar may be installed (Front and Rear).
10. All cars must have windshields, back glass is optional. All other glass must be removed.
11. Take-off steering wheels permitted.
12. No two-way communication, radios or cell phones (push-to-talk) allowed in cars.
13. All cars must have stock bumpers in place and they must be securely fastened

14. Car must have a front and rear hook/loop for wrecker to lift by.

15. Radiators must be mounted in original location.

B. SUSPENSION - Absolutely stock.

1. Stock upper and lower control arms only. Absolutely no moving or replacing suspension or spring mounts or cutting any cross-members. No lowering cars.

2. Stock trailing arms only.

3. No racing springs. Springs must be same size/diameter and height from right to left side front; and from right to left side rear. Springs cannot be cut. Must be stock diameter for make and model. No spring adjusters or screw jacks allowed.

4. Minimum 7 inch ride height on frame and body must be maintained. Right side of car cannot be higher than one inch of left side height when measured at the outermost part of the frame rails.

5. Car may not have more than 4 degrees of negative camber on right front nor more than 2 degrees of positive camber on left front with driver.

6. Maximum 1 1/8 inch diameter sway bar. Sway bar must be stock type for make and model.

7. Spindles must be stock for make of car (i.e. No Astro spindles).

8. All steering components forward of the firewall must be stock or stock replacement for make and model.

9. No steering quickeners.

10. Front and rear shocks must be mounted in stock location and be non-rebuildable, non-adjustable with a steel body and shaft. Shocks are subject to a $50 per shock claim by the driver finishing no more than one position behind claimed driver.


C. Tires and Wheels
1. Racing wheels with 7 inch maximum width permitted on left and right side. All wheels must have the same offset. The distance from the wheel mounting surface to the inside edge of the wheel must not be less than three inches. (backspacing)

2. No aluminum or magnesium wheels allowed.

3. No bleeders allowed.

4. Large diameter lug nuts allowed.

5. Two wheel locations may use a steel spacer not exceeding ¼ inch in width each.

6.Tires will be from Towell City Tires and have an 8 inch wide tread and a 15 inch wheel diameter.These tires must be purchased through Greenville-Pickens Speedway. No softening of tires.

D. Engines - All components must be stock or stock replacement. No performance parts.
1. Engine must be mounted in stock location with stock mounts.

2. Maximum cubic inch—GM 350 .060 over; Ford 351 .060 over; Dodge 360 .060 over

3. Heads - OEM cast iron only. No factory performance heads. No aftermarket heads, 70 cc minimum combustion chamber size. No grinding, porting or polishing. No machining into the bowl beyond the guide boss. Guide boss may not be altered.
4. Maximum valve sizes; intake 1.94 inches, exhaust 1.50 inches. Valves must be stock length with .340 max stem diameter and may not be undercut.

5. Camshafts- Stock type hydraulic flat tappet camshafts only.
6. Lift at valve- Intake .410 Exhaust .410

7. Stock or stock replacement hydraulic flat tappets only.

8. Stock or stock replacement rocker arms only. No aftermarket rockers or rocker hardware.

9. Stock or stock replacement valve springs, retainers, and locks only. No beehive springs.

10. Stock forged or cast steel cranks only. Stock stroke only. Must not be lightened or modified in any way.

11. Stock or stock replacement OEM steel connecting rods only.
12. Stock or stock replacement 4 eyebrow cast pistons only with stock replacement style rings. Pistons may not come above deck surface.

13. Must have 2 barrel 350 cfm Holley carburetor model number 7448-1 or 80787-1. 14. Any stock cast iron intake manifold or Edelbrock Performer Intake is legal. The Performer RPM is NOT legal. The intake cannot be modified in any way.

15. The carburetor adaptor plate cannot be any thicker than ¾ of an inch and cannot be adjustable. The adaptor plate must have two individual holes of no more than 1 ½ inches each. The holes cannot be tapered or chamfered in any way.

16. The air cleaner cannot be bigger than 4 inches high x 14 inches across and must be in the correct location.

17. Stock or stock replacement electronic or point style distributors only. No MSD or other aftermarket ignition components. FIRING ORDER: must be stock for the engine

18. No headers allowed. No Corvette “rams horn” manifolds. No crossover pipes or merge collectors. Exhaust must exit behind driver.

19. The track has right to check engine and/or confiscate any part found to be illegal. Refusal to check engine will result in engine being declared illegal.



1. Must have racing fuel cell enclosed in a steel container not to exceed 12 gallons and must be securely mounted and adequately protected.

2. If the fuel supply line is routed through driver compartment it must be of braided steel construction or be routed through metal tubing and must be securely fastened. The metal tubing must be painted red and be clearly marked “fuel line do not cut”.



1. Batteries may be located in original position or may be moved to heater box location. It must be securely fastened and separated from driver’s compartment.


1. All cars must have automatic transmission with full size, functioning stock or stock replacement torque convertor. No modifications to any part of the transmission or convertor. No powerglides. Any coolers must be in stock location.

2. Stock type and length driveshaft for make and model. Must be no smaller than 2.5 inch diameter and must be made of steel. Driveshaft must be painted white. Car must have drive shaft loop mounted securely within 10 inches of the front of the driveshaft.
3. Rear Ends must be stock for make and model. Maximum gear ratio of 3.55. . No positive traction, no locking differential, no excessive shimming, ……anything that causes both rear wheels to pull will be disqualified.


1. Must have 4 wheel working brakes.

2. All brake components must be stock or stock replacement for make and model.

3. No aftermarket pedals or master cylinders.

4. No rear disc brakes.


1. Approved aluminum racing seat, seat belts and shoulder harness are required. Must be properly mounted.
2. Fire suit required and fire extinguisher must be mounted within reach of driver.
3. Must have Snell SA-05 (or newer) approved helmet.

4. A NASCAR approved nylon window screen must be used on driver's side and fold down.



1. Minimum weight of 3200 pounds with a minimum right side weight that is at least 45% of total.

2. All added weight must be in block form not less than five pounds per piece.

3. All weight must be painted white, have car number on it and be securely fastened.


Track officials reserve the right to PROMOTE any car and/or driver out of this division that has shown accelerated progress during or after the season.

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